Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Prophecy to the Nations - 1/7

These are the words of the Lord your God:

"I have not forgotten you. Yet you have forgotten Me. My Spirit - My Word - is among you. Listen! Can you not hear Me? I have not left you wanting. I have come just as promised. You did not seek Me, yet you found Me. In your darkest hour was I revealed to you. But now I bring you hope. Very soon I will manifest Myself to you, if you will hearken to My voice. I have placed My anointing on you. Go in the power by which you have been sent. For I will go with you, says the Lord. Before you. Beside you. Behind you, says the Lord. I have told you before. So I say again.

Fear not. For I am with you.

And I will make your way as the doe. I will feed you by the hand of angels. You are My beloved. Lean upon My breast and be at peace.

I will not forsake you."